Turkana Famine Relief Mission Report – November 12, 2011

The journey to Turkana began with the initial survey by David Tarus. It was determined that the Kenya Forward Advantage team would work with the local church in the area to execute the food distribution. The mission started with the loading of the relief food on Saturday, November 12th 2011. The team of David, William, Hudson and Mercy left early in the morning on November 13th. The journey took over ten hours of riding on a bus before reaching their destination of Lodwar. Lodwar is the capital of Turkana District, and is the jumping-off point for reaching the rural villages of Turkana.

Monday morning found the team meeting with David, the Assistant Bishop, of the Africa Inland Church (AIC) in the area. The distribution of the maize was coordinated through David and the local AIC churches in the villages. Near the AIC church in Lodwar a borehole could be seen making a huge difference in the lives of the people in that area by providing clean water.

Of all the places the team visited, the church near Lodwar was the only one with access to clean water. As you can see below, this is life-giving to these people and they will travel great distances to access it. This was also one of the only locations where greenery could be found next to this river. And even that is not typical, they had recently been blessed with a rain.

On Tuesday the team went out even further into the desert to the village of Kerio. There they were able to distribute 40 bags of maize to people for their families. Fifteen villages were assisted through this distribution site. Again, the distribution was based from the local AIC church.

There was great rejoicing throughout the crowd as the food was received!

At the distribution AIC Church in Nakuryot another 30 bags of maize were given that impacted 16 villages. The team continued on to Nimuriai where the final 30 bags were given out to families from 13 different villages.

Everywhere we went the people were extremely grateful to see us and receive the food.

The mission was a great success. The team would like to extend a huge thanks to those who helped make it possible. Without the donated funds, the mission would have never taken place. Asante sana (thank you) on behalf of the people in the Turkana lake region!