Raising Funds to Help Prevent Cervical Cancer in Kenya

michelle-kiprop-001Michelle Kiprop, RN MSN with patients at the clinicDid you know that there are more deaths from cervical cancer in Kenya than from any other type of cancer? In the United States, preventative medicine represents the gold standard for healthcare. Regular screenings lead to early detection and treatment of precancerous lesions, which makes cervical cancer highly preventable. Sadly, Kenyan women lack the resources for such preventative measures. By the time cervical cancer is diagnosed in these women, it is typically too late for treatment. What follows is a painful and fatal disease, along with much heartache among families and communities.


michelle-kipropMichelle Kiprop, RN MSNThe Forward Advantage International Foundation was recently approached by Michelle Kiprop, a well-known member of Empowering Lives International. As a family nurse practitioner living in Kenya, Michelle also regularly volunteers at the independently-run UPEC Chebaiywa Health Center, where she developed a vision for women’s health. It was at the Health Center that Michelle first became aware of the severity of cervical cancer in Kenya. “Three years ago, I was assisting to deliver a baby when the nurse told me she had felt a mass while doing an exam on the mother,” says Michelle. “She mentioned that this woman should be sent for a pap smear, though it would do precious little if she already had a mass. This got me thinking about cervical cancer in Africa for the first time, and I realized it was likely that none of the women in our village had ever been screened.”


health-centerUPEC Chebaiywa Health ClinicAfter researching the topic, and learning about the high mortality rate from cervical cancer in Kenya, Michelle returned to the U.S. for the necessary training. With her training complete, Michelle has begun preparing for a new women’s health ministry in Kenya devoted to the screening and prevention of cervical cancer. She has been granted a room within the Health Center for these services but must rely on her own fundraising to become operational by June. Through donations, Michelle currently has 70 percent of the equipment necessary to fully run the program. In the meantime, Michelle has begun training some of the nurses at the Health Center to assist in the screening process and will be supporting several other clinics in the area through a mobile cervical cancer prevention program. Please help us support Michelle and the people of Kenya by donating to this special cause. The Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. With your generosity, we can work together to put an end to so many needless deaths from such a preventable disease.