Our “Family” Can Help Many in Fresno This Thanksgiving

By, Candace Hubble – Senior Customer Service Representative at Forward Advantage

Whether you call it luck or a blessing, we at the Forward Advantage/PNA family know that when we need help, it will be there, often without our asking. We’ve repeatedly seen those around us step up to help in ways beyond work coverage. We visit hospitals, take care of loved ones, drive team members where they need to go, and hundreds of other acts of kindness we do quietly on a regular basis.

For this year’s food drive, we have partnered with Harvest of Harmony International Church, and they need our help. Founded by Dr. Kelvin Morgan in 1996, it was housed in the heart of old Chinatown for 17 years. In 2013, Harvest of Harmony relocated North of Fresno to 5242 N Garfield Ave. This larger facility houses a kitchen and more space which has substantially enhanced their efforts to feed local families. However, they can no longer rely on any assistance from the Fresno Community Food Bank due to demographic restrictions, and this has created a serious need for donations.

With our help, Harvest of Harmony hopes to share food and compassion with an anticipated 500 families this Thanksgiving. Let’s use our generous spirit and show the folks at Harvest of Harmony what our team can accomplish when we put our minds to it!