Improve Lives in West Africa by Donating on Behalf of Vocational Programs

Forward Advantage’s Michael Wanke has some big plans for next month, and he can use your help! Michael has been working hard during his free time to raise funds for a two-week trip to West Africa. The purpose of this trip is to set up a computer lab for a vocational school in Guinea-Bissau. As a Software Developer for Forward Advantage, Michael is well-qualified for the task! He learned about this opportunity through a Christian non-profit called West African Vocational Schools (WAVS). Located in Fresno, WAVS seeks to establish vocational training centers in Guinea-Bissau, one of the smallest and poorest countries in the world. WAVS believes that collaborating with local leaders on educational programs and job training will provide long-term solutions to issues such as poverty, drug smuggling, and human trafficking.

Michael and other members of WAVS will be working with teachers at a job-training center to develop relationships and help improve the school’s vocational programs. Programs currently include computer basics, auto mechanics, sewing, and English. With Michael focusing on the school’s infrastructure and curriculum, the school will be able to expand its computer program. Michael has successfully raised $2,500 for this initiative; however the costs associated with a two-week trip to Africa, and the needs of the vocational school, are great. Donations made to this cause will not only support the cost of the trip but will go towards the equipment and software licenses necessary for the computer lab.

The Forward Advantage Foundation has happily agreed to donate a server and $1,500 for other equipment costs. If you would like to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause, you can do so on the Foundation’s Web site by clicking here.

Your help is much appreciated!