Hunger Takes On Many Faces

By, Candace Hubble – Senior Customer Service Representative at Forward Advantage

When you think of feeding the homeless, what comes to mind first? Like many of you, I think of the panhandlers that are so prevalent in our city. In fact, it’s such an issue that it was recently featured in The Fresno Bee. We want to help, but it can be difficult to know who honestly needs it.

Unfortunately, the hunger issue in Fresno goes well beyond our panhandling problem. Hunger takes on many different faces in our city. I’ve shared below a few photos provided by Harvest of Harmony. These are the faces of individuals who have benefited from their “Feeding the Multiples” events, and they’re not necessarily who would first come to mind when you think of feeding the homeless.




It’s not just about sustenance; it’s about providing hope to those who need it. Whether it’s the gratitude on an elderly man’s face, or the joy of a mom seeing that her children are not going hungry, there are so many aspects of what we do each year with the food drive that we don’t see. Tanisha Smith, an active member of Harvest of Harmony, shared how rewarding it is to participate each year. “It’s such an amazing experience. It’s hard to choose what my favorite part is.”

There are many families in need in our community. Harvest of Harmony anticipates 500 families for this year’s food drive. They are counting on us, so let’s get that thermometer moving up!