Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc. is holding a food drive from October 15 to November 23

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

harvest-of-harmony-001Forward Advantage and Physician Network Advantage are local technology companies devoted to making positive changes within healthcare. The primary focus for both is to address the challenges within healthcare so that providers can do their jobs more effectively, efficiently, and safely. Both organizations have achieved great success within hospitals and physician practices throughout the country; however, none of this success would be possible without innovative and dedicated teams of employees. It is the dedication of these employees, and their motivation for change, that has fostered the creation of The Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc.

weymouth-food-pantry-001The Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization facilitated by employees within the Fresno and Boston areas. The goal is to address local poverty through a variety of charitable programs. We are currently sponsoring a food drive within your community and hope that you will help. Our goal is to surpass 15,000 lbs of food, and 100 percent of the donations and proceeds will be distributed to Harvest of Harmony International Church in Fresno, CA. and Weymouth Food Pantry in Weymouth, MA., with no overhead costs.

Hunger is a real issue for many of our neighbors who struggle on a daily basis to provide food for their families. It is estimated that one out of every seven Americans (or roughly 46 million people) depend on a food pantry to get by.

We encourage you to visit the “Giving” tab, and fill out the required fields to make a cash donation via Pay Pal. The Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. Donor letters are distributed at the end of the calendar year.


The Forward Advantage Foundation, Inc.