Communities Unite Against Hunger with a Thanksgiving Food Drive

2011-food-drive-closeout-001The Forward Advantage Foundation completed its first food drive just in time for Thanksgiving! With the help of employee fundraising efforts, we raised a total of $5,790 dollars and 4,375 pounds of food. Food banks, and charities that depend on donations, have been greatly affected by the current economic conditions. We’d like to thank those who generously contributed to provide hunger relief in Kenya and across the U.S.  Your contributions were gratefully received and will benefit the following causes:

  • Community Food Bank – Fresno, CA
  • Fresno Rescue Mission – Fresno, CA
  • Poverello House – Fresno, CA
  • Evangel Home – Fresno, CA
  • Greater Boston Food Bank – Boston, MA
  • Beverly Boot Straps – Beverly, MA
  • Peace of Bread – Northbridge, MA
  • Franklin Food Pantry –  Franklin, MA
  • Food Bank of Lincoln – Lincoln, NE
  • Tucson Community Food Bank – Tucson, AZ
  • Arizona Humane Society
  • Salvation Army
  • Kenya Famine Relief


Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, we’re pleased to report that the food drive has prompted other local organizations to continue where we left off. A Forward Advantage employee’s creative thinking led to a “Cans for Tans” initiative at Rockstar Tan Company in Hanford, California. A large Forward Advantage Foundation bin, designed to look like a soup can, was used by the salon to collect cans from customers in exchange for tanning time. “The promotion was so successful that another local business asked to use the bin for the month of December,” says Jason Oxford, Forward Advantage employee and one of this year’s food drive coordinators. “The Foundation would love to see this sort of initiative expand to other industries. With this kind of creativity and teamwork, we can make a true difference for many lives.”

If your company is within the vicinity of Fresno, and would like to borrow the food drive bin, we’d love to hear from you!  Please visit the Contact Us section on our Web site for more information.