Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Kipkaren, Kenya

Kipkaren is a community in Kenya that remains locked in poverty despite its hardworking people, fertile land, and railroad proximity. This issue is largely blamed on the fact that Kipkaren relies on maize (corn) as its only crop. After the annual maize harvest, the majority of profits go toward school fees, and the small amount that remains is used to feed the people and their animals. The Forward Advantage International Foundation hopes to break this cycle with the purchase of a 22 acre farm in Kenya. The farm is currently growing maize and will be used for training purposes to introduce additional crops. Training will focus on irrigation techniques, wells, solar-powered pumps, and growing techniques. The goal is to get the Kenyans to a point where they are sustaining agricultural growth on their own using solutions they can afford.

The Forward Advantage International Foundation remains committed to combating poverty and hunger in Kipkaren; however, we have a greater chance of success with your help. We plan to raise money in the U.S. to buy as much maize as possible from the community’s local farmer. The maize will be transported to churches near the Kenyan/Somali border for distribution to refugee camps. If you would like to provide a donation for this valuable cause, please click here. We encourage you to visit the rest of our site for additional information on our initiatives, including how you can help.